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Crazy Crispy Japanese BBQ Chick’n Quesadilla (Say it 5 times)



2 flour mission tortillas

1 cup Viola mozzarella cheese (Vegan)

1 bag Skinny Butcher chick’n nuggets (Chopped after cooking)

1/2 cup Bachan’s Japanese BBQ sauce (Reserve 2 tbsp to drizzle on top)

1 bag simple truth organic broccoli slaw mix (Found at local grocery stores)

1 bunch of thinly sliced scallions

2 Julienne cut carrots

1 tbsp butter (cut in half for each quesadilla)


-This recipe is a very simple recipe, do not overthink it!-
  • Begin by slicing your carrots Julienne style (Very thin strips). A similar process is used when slicing your scallions. A very deep bias cut will elevate the presentation of this dish but not necessary!
  • Cook your Skinny Butcher chick’n nuggets as described on the package! Then chop & toss in the Japanese BBQ sauce.
  • Get a non-stick 12 inch pan or electric griddle; on medium high heat and add a portion of butter. Hot enough for butter to melt pretty quickly, but not burn! Once butter is melted add your tortilla and give it a swirl to evenly coat. Then add half the amount of cheese to ONLY half of the quesadilla. Add your Japanese BBQ chick’n on top of the cheese once melted (may take some time to melt but be patient!) then fold over the tortilla and continue to grill until CRAZY CRISPY!!
  • Pick your favorite “Family Fancy” plate and simply add the premade broccoli slaw mix, then top with Julienne carrots and sliced scallions. Top with your Crazy Crispy Japanese BBQ Chick’n Quesadillas (Say it 5 times) and finish with remaining scallions and a drizzle of Japanese BBQ Sauce, then ENJOY!!
  • Author: admin