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Skinny Butcher emerged on the market in 2019 with a mission of a skinnier carbon footprint on our beautiful planet. Skinny Butcher is a totally unique to the plant-based chicken category. That is to say, not only does it eat remarkably (and deliciously) like real chicken, the butcher’s is the only such line that’s double-breaded for a crispy crunch that’s – well – crazy! Whether you’re talking tenders, nuggets, breasts or patties, no other brand delivers that punch of amazing crunch.

Dave Zilko (blue), Skinny Butcher CEO, and Mike Griffin (green), CCO, are both longtime friends and grizzled veterans of the food business. They believe that brands can be fun and boy are they having fun with this one! Dave partnered with legendary fresh salsa pioneer, Jack Aronson, founder of Garden Fresh Gourmet. After recruiting Mike, together they built Garden Fresh into the #1 brand of refrigerated salsa in North America – all from the unlikely city of Ferndale, MI, just outside Detroit. Campbell purchased Garden Fresh Gourmet in 2015. Their experience with GFG paved the way for Skinny Butcher to be born!

In 2022, the butcher welcomed Megan Gregory (orange) to the team as Chief Brand Ambassador. Megan is a self-taught chef, lifestyle collaborator, culinary photographer, sought-after media personality and brand collaborator. She is the founder of The Culinary Nest, LLC. which was established in 2017.

As a winning contestant on The Food Network’s Supermarket Stakeout (Season 4, Episode: Vacation Nation), Megan is building national recognition for her innovative and creative approach to recipe creation.

Today, she is the Chief Brand Ambassador and Media Representative for the newly launched Skinny Butcher brand. With her roles, she is working on building marketing relationships with local culinary artisans as well as media appearances both locally and nationally. Megan is a Michigan born native and currently resides in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.